Automotive Technology has came a long way since most classic vehicles have been introduced. One of the biggest downsides of classic vehicles today is modern horsepower, suspension, transmissions, etc. are not just a simple upgrade.

Straight Line Customs addresses these issues for customers on site. Automatic to manual transmissions, engine rebuilds, suspension upgrades, LS Engine swaps, are all projects we take on the regular.

If you are unsure of what you want done but know you want your vehicle to perform, drive, or overall be a better vehicle then feel free to use the inquiry form, call, or stop in today.

Straightline Customs is Minnesota’s leading performance shop. We have over 40 years of combined experience in how to make Muscle cars go fast! In the world we live in, everyone loves classic cars, but hates how they drive; the reliability, the ride, and more. At Straightline Customs you’ll be working with the best in the industry to solve all of these issues to make your hotrod reliable. From simle suspension upgrades to full custom built chassis with big brake kits, we can do it.

GM LS conversions is probably the most popular upgrade. From a simple GM crate motor to a wild 1000HP street motor, there’s nothing we can’t handle, EVEN Coyote conversion for Fords. Tremec Transmission swaps are always a favorite to follow up behind those classic car motor swaps as well. 

We look forward to making YOUR ride BADASS!