Badass builds means exactly that. Its a build that employs the ultimate combination of our decades of expertise, the latest technologies, high horsepower and the most badass car designs that can be built. We work hand in hand with our customers to build the vision they have for their cars in our way. This process goes beyond a traditional restoration. Pro-Touring, Pro-Street and RestoMod elements are all present in these cars but no one single category can define them. These are the future for SLC and are truly built from the ground up into a new class of vehicle combining the best of new and old.


Straightline Custom Cars also specialized as one of Minnesota’s top “Classic car restoration shops”. We have a gallery of completed Classic Car restorations for you to browse through as our work speaks for itself. Is your car in need of a classic car restoration? Is your car sitting around in your garage collecting dust and now your ready to make it like new? Straight Line Customs is here for you! It is critical to get it done the right way the first time.

Classic car restoration usually means to restore the car back to factory specs or stock appearance. We do a wide variety of restoration services from antique cars, vintage cars, muscle cars, and street rods. There’s a right way & wrong way to restore a classic car; we do it the right way. During the disassembly process we take pictures for documentation and continue taking pictures through assembly & paint.


Any Badass build is not complete without a Badass paint job. Straight Line Customs prides itself in producing some of the highest quality paint jobs in the industry. When the process is done from start to finish on your classic car, we guarantee that paint job will last for years to come. We use top quality epoxy primers, polyester primers, along with the best basecoats and clearcoats to give your car a Badass paint job.


Automotive Technology has came a long way since most now classic vehicles were first introduced. Some of the biggest obstacles of classic vehicle modifications today are upgrading them to modern horsepower, suspension, transmissions, etc.

Straight Line Customs addresses these issues for customers on site. Automatic to manual transmissions, engine rebuilds, suspension upgrades, LS Engine swaps, are all projects we take on a regular basis.

If you are unsure of what you want done but know you want your vehicle to perform, drive, or be a better overall vehicle then feel free to use the inquiry form, call, or stop in today.