Classics have a special place in automotive history that deserves to be preserved. As time goes on less and less cars are found in adequate condition to display this history. 

SLC takes restorations to a different level to ensure they are done right and the car will live on the road for another lifetime. Taken down to the bare metal and rebuilt better than they were in the factory. Every component on the car is inventoried, everything refurbished or replaced.

The restorations we produce are a perfect way to represent automotive history, your passion for the classic cars of the past, or just your love for a family heirloom. Classics are not getting any younger and there are very few shops in the country like SLC that have the experience and ability to bring them back to life.

Our Classic Car Restoration Services in MN

Is your car in need of a classic car restoration? Is your car sitting around in your garage collecting dust and now your ready to make it like new? Straight Line Customs is here for you! It is critical to get it done the right way the first time. Car restoration is costly & Straight Line Customs makes sure the process is done in order to minimize time at all steps. There’s a right way & wrong way to restore a classic car; we do it the right way. During the disassembly process we take pictures for documentation and continue taking pictures through assembly & paint.

Classic car restoration usually means to restore the car back to factory specs or stock appearance. We do a wide variety of restoration services from antique cars, vintage cars, muscle cars, and street rods.

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More About Our Classic Car Restoration Services
Straight Line Customs offers a wide variety of services from show ready restorations to your cruisers. Straight Line Customs is dedicated in making your restoration experience a pleasant, enjoyable and worry free experience. Our goal is to have our customers feel like they were involved in the build/restoration of your dream vehicle. Our goal is to have you as a retuning customer for years to come and for you to brag to your family, friends & co-workers about the experience you had working with us.

Our technicians are from the industry and take pride in working on classic, muscle, vintage or specialized cars to make it as unique as you.